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Thread: HR10-250 menu speed/responsiveness... anything I can do?

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    HR10-250 menu speed/responsiveness... anything I can do?


    I've recently switched back to DTV and have purchased an HR10-250 reciever.

    I used to use DTV with a Phillips DSR6000 (I believe that's what it was called), which was slow menu-wise so I upgraded it with 9th tee's board to add memory. It made a huge difference.

    Is there anything similar that I can do with the HR10-250? This thing is way too slow to use and I'm about a day away from returning it. I'm talking about how long it takes the program guide to load, how long it takes the box to react once I press a button, etc.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Nope. Non-HD Series 2 DTivos that upgrade to 6.2 get much better menu speed/responsiveness, but the HR10-250 is stuck at 3.1.5f.

    I remember reading somewhere (The Other Place, perhaps) where someone quoted a DirecTV person as stating that 6.2 was going to happen on the HR10-250, but that's almost like friend-of-a-friend information, so take that for what it's worth.
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