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Thread: Tivo won't go past "Powering up..."

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    Unhappy Tivo won't go past "Powering up..."

    My Tivo won't go past the "Welcome. Powering up..." screen. Here is what happened:

    The Tivo started locking up. I would have to pull the power plug to restart it. There was no pattern to it. It would do it wether recording, playing back, etc. The Tivo would boot back up fine, but would run slow.

    I figured there was a problem with one of the hard drives. I removed the hard drives from the Tivo and placed them in my PC. I used Spinrite on the "A" drive and it found a data problem which is could NOT recover. I then ran the extra long test on it which took about 13 hours. I then ran the level 2 test on the "B" drive with no problems detected. I put the drives back in the Tivo and this is where I am at right now.

    I know the "A" drive is going bad because Spinrite kept telling me the drive is overheating even though it was not even warm to the touch. Spinrite says it is about 140 degree F. If it was that hot, I would have been able to feel it. I think the temp sensor is bad on the drive.

    Anyway, what I need to know is there a way to switch to another boot partition or something. I think the data Spinrite could not recover must be why this is having a problem. The drive works fine and I can mount it in the PC. I can also still read it fine with Spinrite. BTW, Spinrite does not see any more problems with the drive except the overheating problem.

    I know I can install a new drive, but that does not do me much good because of the shows I have on their right now.

    Does anyone know of any options or suggestions to fix this? Thanks.

    Tivo Info:
    DirecTivo Hughes HDVR2
    Original "A" drive
    Added 40GB "B" drive
    No other hacks, but the added drives
    It does have the latest 7.x software.

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    If you booted to Windows 2000 or Windows XP with the drives attached to the computer, a signature has been written to the boot partition which makes the drive unbootable. A utility called 'maketivobootable' will fix this.

    If you did NOT boot to Windows, capture the serial output so we can see why it isn't booting.

    ddrescue MAY be able to copy the drives if you can boot them.

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    I did not have any other drives attached to the system so there is NO way a signature was written. I can get the drives working in a PC no problem so I will try the serial output deal tonight and post my results. Thanks.

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    Just a simple suggestion, but did you change the drive's Master/Slave jumper at anytime when you pulled it to put in the PC? That simple action has caused me several accumulated man-hours of hair-pulling (... Usually after I've convinced myself the TiVo was "fixed" and screwed all the case screws and everything back in).

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    Nope that is not the problem. I never changed the jumpers at all. Thanks.

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    wont boot

    i am having a similar booting problem with mine the power went out 2 or three times know it wont finish the boot i will try and do the serial thing tonight thanksn hdvr2

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