Wow.. I finally get to report good news...

I had success with the systematic approach from PlainBill, except with a different mfsbackup command:
mfsbackup -f 9999 -1so /mnt/c/hd_tivo.bak /dev/hdd
(The command posted by PlainBill kept failing for whatever reason).

Did the restore, replaced the kernel, and bingo, I could finally boot last night. Went to sleep last night smiling for the first time in two days. Wife couldn't understand what was wrong with me.

Ok, to get to the point, what has done the magic for me is adding "bs=1024" to the dd command, as suggested by PlainBill.

Since I wanted a clone of the original drive, including all recordings, I went back to my original approach of backing up the full drive (left this running last night). Then replaced the kernel using "dd if=vmlinux.px of=/dev/hdd6 bs=1024", instead of just "dd if=vmlinux.px of=/dev/hdd6". When I got the prompt right back, I knew the thing was going to work, since previously (without bs=1024) the dd used to hang for about 5 minutes.

I was just able to telnet to my tivo and ready to load the rest of the good stuff.

Thanks all for helping out. I am a very happy camper right now. Hope this helps somebody else save two or three days of misery.

Quote Originally Posted by PlainBill
Something very unusual is happening here. This USUALLY means a problem with computer hardware.

I suggest a systematic approach: Make a simple image using mfsbackup. I STRONGLY recommend hooking up the cables so a fat32 dive is primary master, cdrom is primary slave, and the tivo drive is secondary master.

mfsbackup -l 30 -6so /pathtobackup/hr10image.mfs /dev/hdc

Restore the image to your new drive:

mfsrestore -zpi /path2backup/hr10image.mfs /dev/hdc

Test the drive in the TiVo

See if bootpage and pdisk give reasonable results. Assuming partition 7 is the active root, dd the kernel to partition 6.

dd if=/pathtofile/vmlinux.px of=/dev/hdc6 bs=1024

Check again to see if bootpage and pdisk give reasonable results

run killhdinitrd on /dev/hdc6

Test the drive again.