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Thread: Vadim, Give us a maildrop for donations!

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    Vadim, Give us a maildrop for donations!

    some folks have had some bad dealings w/paypal.

    some folks are just paranoid!

    maildrop for moneyorders, eh?

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    Thank you for your kindness.

    Are you sure you want to send something via the mail? The reason I ask is because I don't want to make anyone busy or wasting their time with the mail.
    But if you are 100% sure that you want to use the mail, please PM me and I'll give you the address.

    I just thought PayPal would be nice and easy, no dealing with the mail but if you want to use the mail then of course you could do that.

    It would be great if half of your TiVo people would donate just $1 and nothing more.

    Since you started this topic, I just want to add something I didn't add to the annoucement, and feel free to use this thread to discuss this whole thing.

    I been walking around for quite some time now thinking how to pay for the server, at 1st I thought we could get some money from the commission or the advertisment but no matter what numbers were not coming even close, so I decided I'll just pay for it out of my pocket, but few of my friends suggested to do this donation thing, so I said what the hell lots of webpages do the same thing so I decided to post it. The only question that always comes to my mind is "I'm offending anyone?" I sure hope I'm not but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if I'm would you let me know? PM, Email, post or whatever I'd really like to read your opinions on this.

    Thanks so much,

    P.S For those of you confused on what I'm talking about check out the announcement, by clicking here
    - Vadim

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    Paypal was nice, just some people are paranoid enough about it with locked money, excessive fees and 'stolen' money reports coming from paypal.

    Also, paypal *sucks* when you have to do currency conversions. So some people just want to be cautious and prefer the traditional methods (Post Office Money Order is damn safe - if they don't receive it, the post office can cancel the cheque and issue you a new one).

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    Talking paypall

    Don't get paranoide: paypall didn't give me any problems uptill now. Ayway just be glad that we can support ddb, most of us would be lost with out it. (would be fun to count the amount of people that really supply original information and those ( like me) that supply what they read elsewhere.)

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    Well, the fact that I can't contest any paypal charges makes me uneasy (I plan on only using credit cards with paypal - sorry, but debit is totally insecure)... plus, like I said, exchange rates.

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    Vadim you havent offened me and I am one cheap bastard ...Also you still haven't given me that PO box for my donation.... please drop me a PM


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