Hi : I just recently (about 5 days ago) hacked my RCA DVR80 DTivo with a 250 GB harddisk and PTV Upgrade Instant Cake and PTV Net 6.2

I did not have any experience doing all of this (telnet, ftp, bash prompt) but i managed to succesfully hack the Tivo, install the new TivoWebPlus, the latest Tytools, superpatch67, all by reading this incredible and super-excellent forum.

I noticed that after hacking the Tivo and installing the superpatch i did not have any showcases so i read again in the forum, and found first to look at my logs then install sc62.tcl which did the trick of restoring the showcases. With this particular patch i did not find much information on how to install it, run it, etc. So i would appreciate if someone could inform me if what i did was ok. Below is the list of steps i did with the sc62.tcl.

1) First i FTP'd the sc62.tcl file to the /var/hack folder on the Tivo
2) Then i did a chmod 755
3) and finally a ./scl62.tcl

4) The patch told me that it "Found existing showcase tokens in the State/ServiceConfig/DataGroupList..." "Do you want to remove them y/n"

5) I said y and the script returned me to the bash prompt. I ran the script again and when asked me the same question about findind the showcase tokens i said n again the script returned me to the bash prompt. I repeated the same steps various times answering yes and no with the same results.

I Checked the script in my PC and found that i should be seeing some messages in the screen as the script was running, but none of them showed.

Thanks and hope to have a soon reply.