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Is anyone out there using Nero 6 with TyTool? When I went to burn the DVD as a data disc (like I did with Creator), Nero said the disc would not be compatible with most DVD players, so on its advice I started a new project using the DVD Video option and burned that way. Should I ignore the warning and burn as a data disc anyway? Should I select a UDF DVD-ROM?
I use Nero (haven't patched it recently), and what I do is what I also did under Nero 5. I use the DVD (ISO/UDF) setting (bottom of the list), turn on "Force DVD-Video Compatibility" under the UDF tab, and it works perfectly. I just drag and drop the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders onto the project.

If you use the DVD Video setting in Nero, it will try to re-encode the video to "spec", and that's probably where the problems you're having come from. I only upgraded from Nero 5, because I got a Dual-Layer drive, and Nero 5 didn't support it.


PS: I don't post much, but I've been following these threads, and using Josh's EXCELLENT tool since (I think) TyTool 7r3 or thereabouts.