Alright. The rules in this thread are the same as the last one for my tools. A great many things have been updated recently. And there are some pretty sweet features coming in the near future. But as always it is best to start with a charter for this thread.

Just like before these are rules for this thread, not the forum. If you want to discuss things deemed off limits here make your own threads and set your own rules. But if you decide to participate here then please follow the guidelines.

So the rules for this thread are:

1- NO FLAMES AND NO ARGUMENTS... I am through trying to be nice on this as it just plain does not work. I will without reservation delete anything that shows up here that could be considered either of the above. Enough is enough.

2- It has become clear that we have 2 distinct camps with zealots in both. Fine. Use my stuff. Use Olaf's. I couldn't care less. Many of us got dragged into a war we didn't know we were supposed to be involved in... So a new rule. We discuss ONLY my own tools here... Leave the rest in their own threads! This is not intended to be an attack but rather to stop them. You don't like me. Fine. You don't like my tools fine. You don't like those that use them. You're an ***** but fine for hating people you have never ever met so just go somewhere else.

3- NO ADVERTISING FOR OTHER TOOLS. Again this thread is again about Vsplit/TyTool. If you have something cool to use in place of or even with them the take it to a different thread. Any post by anyone about "you really should use X instead..." is gone the moment I or some of other mods see it.

This is still an open forum. Create your own thread and have at it. But such posts are entirely unwelcome here.

4- Feel free to discuss various OS/wishes/desires/etc.... At some point we should support as much as is possible.

5- Feel free to ask for features but be aware that I am making no promises except to work on things in general... I mean it. Ask. But don't hound me or anyone else, that accomplishes nothing. If you think of something that would be cool let me know. I will add it to the list.

6- I suppose I should say it... I reserve the right to disappear at any time. Just like you do. When life interferes hobbies get put on hold. Having said that it will be obvious when you look at the new toolset that I have been putting in a great deal of time on it. Hope that it helps every do what they want to with their Tivos...

7- Keep DVDLab, tmpgenc et all to a dull roar in here please. It might be better say that we are now 3 camps. TyTool, TyStudio, and TyTool with the output being used elsewhere. I don't mind the occasional this works with DVDLab/Tmpgenc etc... in reference to a problem someone asks about. But in the last while it has felt like we had dropped to advertising again. Please don't do that. There are a number of very good DVDLab threads here on the forum to do that kind of thing etc...

An important note!

Several of these programs require the cygwin1.dll to run. Some of the tools in the TyTool release, mpeg2enc and dvdauthor most notably, were compiled with the cygwin cross compiler. To run these require the presence of the cygwin1,.dll file. This file is huge and seems to get larger all of the time. There is no need to download a new copy of this file everytime. While it does change it is not that frequent. So please download the zip for it from here in this post or else grab it from the homepage:

Again, if you try to use the Frame Accurate Editing or DVD features of TyTool this dll is required. If you see a major popup window when trying you are missing the dll. Please unpack the DLL into the same directory as the rest of the TyTool files and executables.