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2. After I connect manually and transfer recordings from TiVo on my computer, and then try to "make key file", TyTools work on the file and after a while says "done". Then, when I try to "edit key file" I am getting the following error"
"ERROR Input file C:\file name.key is NOT GOP Editor Key File"
Also, during "make key file", the progress in TyTools does not look like it suppose be.
This has been reported in a string lately. The problem is that you if you DO NOT HAVE SCRAMBLING DISABLED then when you got to make a key the system creates the starting header for the file but puts no further data into it. Thus the file is darn near empty byte wise and completely empty of usable key data. So you wind up with the above error. Disable scrambling using the varied techniques posted here on this forum and either make new recordings that aren't scrambled or extract them in a fashion to defeat/remove and it and you should be good to go.