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Thread: Anyone tried Moving an R10 disk to Dtivo S2 unit for unscramble?

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    Anyone tried Moving an R10 disk to Dtivo S2 unit for unscramble?

    So I have an R10. I have a friend that has a refurb. DTivo S2 that he will swap me for my R10. My R10 has many hours of programming I would like to move to one of my DTivo S2. The R10 is stock. I am looking for ideas. I am thinking doing an MFS copy to a new drive and then laying down the kernel and root from one of the S2 DTivo on the drive in the unused kernel and root partitions. Change the bootpage and then boot in an S2. I am hoping this will let me get to the recording in the MFS.

    Any ideas or is this a total no way kind of thing.

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    Nope, won't work. Even if you got it to boot, you wouldn't be able to unscramble the recordings -- because they're in a different box with a different crypto chip. AFAIK encrypted recordings are tied to the individual crypto chip in each box and can't be moved around (well, other than via MRV) until unscrambled.
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    I just completed this operation, going from an R10 to an RCA DVR40. It wasn't pretty, though. First of all, my R10 was fully hacked. About half of my recordings were still scrambled. I used mfs_ftp to transfer the unscrambled shows to my linux box and MRV to transfer all of the encrypted shows to the DVR40.

    I was able to use the s2_unscramble technique and mfs_ftp to transfer the scrambled shows to my linux box.

    With my linux box holding everything unscrambled I used mfs_ftp to insert the shows into the DVR40. It took a while, and I had to run csoscout.tcl at the end, but it worked.

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