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Thread: flashTivo Development

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    flashTivo Development

    flashTivo is a new project I'm starting that is similar to TWP in the aspect of being able to modify tivo settings through a web interface, but it will give you the feeling of actually looking at the tivo interface. It will communicate to the tivo through socket/xml data to a service running on the tivo. So the flash application can either be hosted directly on the tivo or from a remote location.

    This project is still in the design phase and I would love input or help from the tivo community.

    It will be modular so others can design addons and implement them easily.

    I'm sure some will say TWP is already out there why are you doing this project. The reason is because A) I love the tivo interface and would love to be able to manage my tivo's enhanced features through the same feel. B) Haven't seen much happening with TWP lately and I'm hoping this will spark some new interest in that project or this one.

    I'm looking for Graphical Illustrator/Flash developers for some great animated backgrounds for the application. Or if you would just like to help with the project send me a PM with what you would like to help out on.

    Currently Planned Features
    Now Playing List (Modify/Delete/Watch (with a streaming client))
    Manage Season Pass (Modify/Add/Remove/Backup/Restore)
    Manage Hacks/Mods (Enable/Disable)

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    Sounds like a good idea for something to do. I'd be careful how much you make it look like the real TiVo interface in case of copyright infringement though.


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    I had the same thought and have some plans on design changes that will give it the same feel but hopefully will be enough of a change that it won't violate any copyrights or upset Tivo. I'm hoping they will take it as a compliment to how great their interface is.
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    You mention the NPL and modifiying it. Can you try to make it so that a person could make folders and move around a recording into/out of a folder?
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    Here is a photo of the working interface for anyone interested. I'm still looking for flash developers who can come up with some nice animated backgrounds or illustrator/freehand users to come up with some icons for me. Please feel free to PM me if you're interested in helping.

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    FWIW you could use the content on the tivo itself for that. No need to copy it or anything; just bring it up real-time.
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    I thought about using the stock graphics on the tivo and I'm reserved about that because the graphics are larger in file size then a vector graphic would be. I'm trying to save bandwidth and keep the interface crisp and clear on larger screens.

    At the moment that's the last thing on my list of things to do and if no one is interested in helping out with them then I might just use the stock graphics when I'm ready to release the beta.
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