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Thread: TGC information ?

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    TGC information ?

    Has anyone seen any images of inside a TGC tivo or even better a drive image?

    Just interested in having a look around to see what they are running both in terms of hardware and software (in the vague hope it might help us get s2's working here in Australia...)

    I've been to: - official china site - limited content - official taiwan site - a lot of content but no photos inside the case (as you would expect from the official site!!)


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    Judging from the photo, it seems to be what we call a Series2.5 "nightlite" model. If it is indeed a 2.5, would need a hardware PROM replacement to do any hacking.

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    you think?

    i thought from the look of the case that it more closely resembled an original s2..

    I guess a look at the inside would help decide once and for all..

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