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Thread: Cheap MRV Box options?

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    Cheap MRV Box options?

    Hi Folks,
    I have recently built a couple of refurb'd Weaknees DSR7000's to replace my old ultimate TV's. I used the zipper to enable MRV and HMO. All is good and I'm having fun.

    The two DSR7000's and my HR10-250 are in the main room. I have a couple of multi channel RF modulators that pipe the signal from these, a VCR and a DVD player around the house on RG6 for the other televisions to watch. I use an IR relay system to allow control of the central equipment from the other rooms.

    I was thinking it might be nice if I could replace this system with boxes at the remote locations that did nothing but use the MRV protocol to access the shows recorded on the central Tivos. I would want to use cat5 or maybe wireless to do this. Can this be done cheaply? I have no desire to add 5.99 mirroring fees for each remote television, not do I want to pull additional satellite leads to each location.

    Could I use another DSR7000 with no dish attached and no access card in each remote location to do this? Would this be considered stealing? The DSR7000s have no contract required, and I would not be using guide data.

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    Lots of people use unsubbed DTivos hacked for MRV. Since you're not really using any of the DTivo's functions that would normally require a subscription or mirroring fee, you're not really stealing service, although I'm sure there are those that may have a different opinion on the subject.

    You will probably neeed an access card inserted to avoid the nag that comes without having one in the slot and you should also consider having a sat feed connected to get rid of the "searching for sat" message as well. You'll also get a nag message about activating your Tivo service but that only shows up when you first access the Now Playing list. You obviously won't be able to watch any live TV on the DTivo unless you can't wait to see what's coming up next on the DTV info channel.

    The answer is Yes, you can do it cheaply. Just don't tell us about the particular method you used since the authors of that script have expressly requested that it not ever be mentioned here.
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