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Thread: Change you settings if you don't see many threads

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    Exclamation Change you settings if you don't see many threads

    Just a helpful hint to other newbies out there:

    For the first view days back on this forum (I was merely a lurker before) I only saw two threads under this category. I just now figured out that the default thread cutoff was keeping me from seeing all the goods.

    Go to 'User CP'>'Edit Options'>'Default Thread Age Cut Off' and change it to whatever suite your needs.


    P.S. Flamers, I know this is fairly well known BB SW but there are a great number of people on this forum that are not very tech savy. Just trying to give a noob a hand. They can't RTFM withour locating the FM.

    P.P.S. Moderators, I know this is a files only category but just trying to lend a hand. Please remove this post or sticky it as you see fit.
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