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    I have now successfully burned a CD with 25Xtreme and it boots on every machine I have tried it on. I used DiscJuggler as recommended through the FAq's on this site. I bought my DSR6000 and have a few questions.

    Is there any limit to the size of the HD's I can install. I believe I have seen as high as 100GB, but I do have access to some 160's. I assume the process is exactly the same.

    If I successfully upgrade, should I or should I not plug into the Phone Line and pretend it is just a plain old TiVo. I am confused as to why I shouldn't.

    I am a subscriber to TiVO and Direct TV. I assume I need a new subscription for the new unit from TiVo, and I need to register with DirectTV. Do I need to register each of the two tuners, or just the DSR unit itself?

    After I do the upgrade, what does the Bash prompt capability do for me. My whole system (home Theater) is run by a PC, so my current TiVo (original 30 hour unit) is connected to the PC via the serial port. I did this so I could allow the Tivo to control the DSS receiver and at the same time the PC would know what is going on and could also control the DSS receiver through its serial port. Clearly I won't need this capability with the DSR6000. Having the PC deal with the bash prompt would be trival.

    Has anybody successfully applied the TiVo Net upgrade after doing the 25Xtreme upgrade?

    Does anyone have any good information sources on Multi-swtiches? In particular which one is recommended if I wish to merge cable and DirectTV onto single lines with long runs. (Big House lots of TV's)

    Great board, Keep up the good work.

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    I'll take a stab at some of these...

    I believe the current physical limitation to the linux implementation for the TiVo is ~128GB. If you use the 160, you will probably lose about 30 GB.

    There is uncertainty regarding the phone issue, due to a couple of facts:
    • * Lots of folks are using the fixup method - DON'T PLUG IN PHONE LINE EVER!!!
      * If you subscribe, you are still running an altered TiVo and they can probably detect this... If they send down a prom update or other upgrade, the end results would be unknown and in all liklihood a BAD THING(tm)

    I'm sure others more knowledgable than I will chime in on this aspect...

    You do need to subscribe the new unit both with TiVo and DTV, if that is your intent. It is only on a per-PVR basis - not per tuner.

    Bash lets you get into more trouble . There are lots of things that you can do from a remote bash prompt, if you so desire. Things like sending your significant other a love letter email in the messages, modifying titles in the Now Playing recordings, etc. Far too many to name here - check out the Hack FAQ over at AVS for more ideas...

    Ford Electronics in Fullerton, Calif. has a 4 and 8 port switch for really cheap dollars, and I'm sure most of your good electronics retailers will also. I originally paid through the nose (~$100) for the RCA 2x4 multi switch, which I still use. These are readily available also.



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