Easy, Free, Text Website Creator

Free webpages which remain active as long as they are visited once a year!

"Seen on digg.com. Instant webpages and for free:


and a test webpage.

Go to the homepage...type or paste whatever you want and it creates a webpage for you...instantly. No need to sign in or sign up. You can also make it private (with or without a passkey) and choose if you want to allow comments or not.

They generate a url for you but if you want to choose your own, they charge $2/yr otherwise its free. Use it as a disposable blog, hot deals discussion, advertisement board, resume repository, online clipboard, a secret script or poem you are working on, a personal webpage, a repository of your fav links, a repository of all your accounts and passwords, whatever.

There are a couple of undocumented but widely known features...put something in [ b ] [ / b ] for bold, [ u ] [ / u ] for underline or [ i ] [ / i ] for italicizing your text (without the spaces). And if you dont want others to search for your post but still don't want it to provide a passkey...make it private, just dont enter a passkey."