I "fixed" iptables by doing this:

mv iptables iptables.old
echo -e '#!/bin/bash\nexit 0' > iptables
chmod 755 iptables

But then I have this in my rc.sysinit.author (b/c I saw it elsewhere)

sleep 60
[-x /etc/netfilter-disable] && /etc/netfilter-disable

Is it even necessary to disable netfilter if I fixed as above?
I would just "try it" but I don't want to pull my drive if I lock myself out.

Also, does using a killhdinitrd'd 3.1.5 kernel do something to dhclient on a "240" machine running 7.2? I received errors in the Tivo UI when I tried to use DHCP; I just set up a static address and it works fine...fyi I have a Linksys 100TX (the older usb 1.1 - I believe?).

BTW everything is working fine, telnet, tivoftpd; I'm just curious.

On to Superpatch...and then my "wife/kids" Tivo...