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Thread: Change transponder on DSR708

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    Change transponder on DSR708

    HI there,

    this may be a stupid question, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change the transponder # on my version 6.2-01-2-301, not modified at all...

    During rain or so, I find that transponder 18 never breaks up on my non tivo box and is 100% at all times...the transponder my DirecTivo is set to is 1, and its only at 80 to 88%...

    But when I change it in "Test satellite strength" it doesn't stay at 18 it goes back 1, if I run the "Guided Setup", it also goes back 1...

    I remember when the DTV guy was here installing it he went through the initial setup really fast...

    so does anyone know how to change the transponder it uses?


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    I would hesitate to call this a stupid question, but....

    DirecTV uses all transponders. There are roughly a dozen (16?) channels on each transponder. When you change channels the receiver selects the appropriate transponder.

    Since are suffering pixelization on the DirecTiVo but not on the regular receiver, it would be a good idea to look a little closer to home than the satellite. The DirecTiVo tuner may be less sensitive that the standard receiver, or it may be a cabling problem, cable length, or multiswitch issue. The quick test is to swap the DirecTiVo and standard receiver temporarily and see if the signal levels change.

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