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Thread: Transcoding Anamorphic DVD to .TY?

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    Transcoding Anamorphic DVD to .TY?

    I've managed to transcode a full-screen DVD and upload it to my series 2 4.01b dtivo.

    However, when I try the same process on a wide-screen, anamorphic video, the video ends up squished.

    I've been mucking around with transcode, mencoder, and ffmpeg, trying to get a video output that would work, with no luck.

    Does anybody have working settings with these utilities?


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    I've used a tool called DVDx to un-squish widescreen movies (after ripping them to a single large file). It essentially re-encodes the entire movie with the "black bars" included as part of the video. You have to monkey around with the settings for each movie. Sometimes the quality is good, sometimes not so good.

    Since then, I've started using AutoGK to make XviD format files from my DVDs, and use tivoserver to get them on my TiVo. Tivoserver seems to automagically handle the aspect ratio. This seems to be a lot more reliable and easier, too.

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