This worked last week (a number of times), but now when I connect on FileZilla (all seems sell), I get a timeout error, and it fails.

From the tvlog file I get this entry (which I think is related)

Mar 28 19:44:24 (none) last message repeated 2 times
Mar 28 19:44:25 (none) TmkTransform::Trace[161]: ClipCache 0x300145c4 Secondary Reset
Mar 28 19:44:25 (none) ClipCache[158]: 0x300145c4 in Entry(), thread 158
Mar 28 19:44:26 (none) Scheduler[164]: Mempool highwater 97688
Mar 28 19:44:26 (none) Scheduler[164]: DISK SPACE: Total: 208435 Live cache: 4825 Overhead: 848
Mar 28 19:44:26 (none) Scheduler[164]: TIVO CLIPS DISK SPACE: Total: 9765 Overhead: 64
Mar 28 19:44:33 (none) RecordingList[164]: Err errTmActiveLockConflict at line 1018
Mar 28 19:44:46 (none) RecordingList[164]: Err 0x00010014 at line 1105
Mar 28 19:44:46 (none) Recorder[162]: Adding check schedule task

Anyone any idea how to get rid of the errTmActiveLockConfilct?

Assuming that's my problem?