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Lastly, are you sure the recordings are still scrambled? It seems odd you have a hacked/monted/xtremed tivo and encryption wasn't disabled as part of that hacking process???
It sure does seem strange! But I've downloaded the .tmf files with MFS_FTP and inserted them into another DTivo running 6.2 and they don't play. I've also tried playing the .ty files either thru streaming over LAN or directly from PC and they fail too. Lastly, I installed a hard drive with 6.2 on the original machine and uploaded the .tmf's and they didn't play either. All of the above convinced me that they were scrambled.

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unscramble kernel supports lba-48 addressing? If it does, you are home free. Simply replace the existing vmlinux.px file with the unscramble one.
Where in MFS does the vmlinux.px reside? As I work from a copy drive, putting it in and trying can't hurt.

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Frankly, unless you are going to extract recordings, I would not bother with the unscramble kernel. I would do a straight upgrade from 3.1.1x to 6.2 (or 6.2a). I can attest to the fact that it works. The DirecTiVo in my 'office' was running 3.1.1e with an LBA-48 aware kernel and a 200 Gig hard drive when I used slices to upgrade it to 6.2.
I gave a quick gander in the SwSystem directory and low and behold look at what is sitting there:
3.1.1e-01-2-151 tyDb 110416 02/02/08 17:40 692
6.2a-01-2-301 tyDb 1484721 02/02/08 18:19 700
6.2a-01-2-321 tyDb 1484722 02/02/08 18:19 700
6.3e-01-2-101 tyDb 2094216 02/02/08 20:16 780
6.3e-01-2-121 tyDb 2094221 02/02/08 20:16 780
6.3e-01-2-381 tyDb 2094223 02/02/08 20:16 780
6.4a-01-2-151 tyDb 3142798 05/17/08 02:08 780
ACTIVE tyDb 110416 02/02/08 17:40 692

So I will read the links you provide and somehow, somewhere report back my experience.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, thanks to you PB and SM for your help. Stumbling around blindly hurts your shins after a while.

..... off to catch more fish