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Thread: PTVnet and Instantcake 62

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    PTVnet and Instantcake 62

    1. What is the smallest harddisk that can be used with PTVnet and Instantcake for 6.2 software. I decided to practice on a 30gb harddrive and Instantcake gives me an error that RESTORE FAILED. It then continues on as if everything is successful.

    2. Does the new harddrive have to be clean: no partitions?


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    Can't answer #1 -- you really should ask PTVUpgrade about their products.

    For #2...doesn't matter; InstantCake will wipe it.
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    The smallest hard drive supplied with a Series 2 DirecTiVo was 40 gigs. You can't restore an image to a drive smaller than the original.

    If you had checked the image begging thread you would have discovered the 6.2 mimimal package on the ed2k network. It will install on a drive as small as 1 Gig. Here's the link: ed2k://|file||88968486|32813B32B07412EAE4E84762DD46F3E9|h=DNHZMUN2N7II55R PDEBFU4EI66RXXXET|/

    Dowmload the emule client at
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