I installed 25xtreme on a spare 40gb drive I had, put it in my phillips directivo. I have a cachecard in the directivo also. I sent over the latest cachecard drivers (20050218) via zmodem and installed them. I couldn't configure it to dhcp, so I had to set a static address. Telnet and ftp both work. So I transfer over via ftp the 2.5.2 superzap upgrade and run it. It upgraded and I let it run for a bit. It downloaded the service data download on Wednesday, April 12th. I then unplugged it. I turned it on today and I realized I got no ethernet link from the cachecard or silicon dust splash screen. I then reinstalled the drivers via serial and I see dhcp is the default option. So I go ahead with the install and it finishes, so I reboot.

It starts up and I did get a link and an IP, but ftp and telnet does not work. I check from the serial promt and see they are not running. So I turn them on via the xp command, telnet, tivoftpd, nophone, t30ss, tempmon, ebd, nosdd, caller id, and noscramble, and the noscamble module to the noscramble.o. The only one that worked was caller id with elseed, because it was running when I typed "ps aux" to see, but nothing else was running, not telnet, not tivoftpd, and I transfered a recording and it was scrambled.

What did I miss? there has to be a valid reason why this won't work. I read over the forum and never found anything specific. Was it that service data download that happened on wednesday?