I recently got my hands on a Humax DRT400 and was wondering if the issues with Tivo DVD-R's not being able to burn transfered shows ever been bypassed or resolved? (What I really want is an unsubbed MRV station capable of creating DVD's easily)

Doing some research on the subject I found following claims:

1 - DVD tivos use a different setting for MPEG2 files from regular tivos and Dtivos to facilitate easier dvd burning. This makes sense, but seems like it should be simple to convert from one format to another, perhaps a tivoserver inspired gateway between the tivos.

2 - Tivo's save some sort of meta-data when recording which is essential to dvd recording and is NOT transfered via MRV protocol so even if you have right format of video, transfered shows cannot be burned. This seems a bit odd. For the life of me I cannot imagine what sort of meta-data this can be and why would it be hard to create/insert into the database.

Now, I have long learned that tivo hacking is a day-to-day kind of operation and what was true last year may be completely different today, so my main question is what is that state of these issues today and is it worth to try to play with this box or should I just sell it and keep using my plain DVD-R attached to one of my DTivos via analog? My goal is to give my wife a simple way (i.e. not involving me) to burn stuff onto DVDs without all the mucking about with extraction, conversion, etc. With my DTivos, TTG is, unfortunately, not an option.