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Thread: Using Modem Serial Channel for BASH

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    27 Using Modem Serial Channel for BASH

    I would like to keep a serial channel open for BASH AND keep my DSS direct connection to the serial port. I will be taking my updates via PPP so the modem chanel will not be needed any further.

    In reviewing the datasheets for the modem chip it looks like it is a standard serial interface. I am very hardware savy and can find these signals and convert them to RS232 Levels easily.

    Has anyone tried using the modem serial port for anything else? I think there are a bunch of you that would like to regain the direct serial connection to the DSS via this method.

    I can do the hardware and Doc it, if someone out there can do the scripting in the software.

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    Cool C'mon Guys how about some help

    I know someone out there can help on this. Would a extra serial port not be helpful to anyone?

    I will do the hardware and doc it, I need someone to do a step by step software hack.


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    I don't know what help I would be but I would be highly interested in having both ports! I have a DirecTivo system but I would assume the ports would be the same hardware wise.

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