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Thread: Tivo TCD540040 Series 2 w/o subscription

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    Tivo TCD540040 Series 2 w/o subscription

    I don't know if this is correct but it seems everywhere I read, theres nothing about being able to use this particular version in manual mode without the expensive subscriptions. I feel like I have a paperweight now. I was hoping for at least some downloadable software to use that can set this machine to where I can manually record and set timers on my own. From what I understand getting a modded prom still does not allow you to use the Tivo manually like series 1. Is that right? If there is a thread that I missed please point me in the right direction. Thanks everyone.

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    You've read correctly. Tivo, Inc. went out of their way to make sure unsubscribed Series-2 units were basically paperweights. Why? I don't know... I suspect their short term thinking was to push and market how great the "Tivo Interface" is by pretty much disabling all features of lapsed units, even basic VCR-like features. The long term impact has simply been to upset more and more folks, especially multi-unit owners, on what appears to be an greedy cash grab.

    The TCD540 units have the additional shackles of requiring a PROM socket/replacement to load any kind of custom software (subscribed or not).

    Any S2 or S3 unit without a subscriptions is fairly worthless.

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