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Thread: No old receivers for new DTV subscribers?

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    No old receivers for new DTV subscribers?

    Hey, all.

    I have a friend that has been looking into Tivo after hearing all my raving about it. He wants to get a Hughes HDVR2 and hack it to 6.2 software. He called DTV to find out about getting a subscription (he doesn't currently have DTV), and was told by the rep "New subscribers may only use new equipment, we do not allow new subscribers to use old equipment.". Does anyone know if this is true, or just a case of typical DTV "Bad CSR roulette"? It would really suck for him to have to use only new equipment, he want to use HMO features, and doesn't want a seperate box.

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    When you initially subscribe to DTV they want you to use new equipment. Once you've activated your account you can add all the old DTivos and receivers you want. You should be able to get some good deals as a new subscriber but that usually means getting the hardware with no up front fees or out of pocket costs.
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