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Thread: knoppix tivo support

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    knoppix tivo support

    How can I activate byteswapping in the newest knoppix. I downloaded a version recently from How do I turn on byteswapping. I have tried:
    knoppix /dev/hda=byteswapping
    knoppix hda=bswap
    knoppix hda=byteswapping
    knoppix hda=swapdata

    Any suggestions?

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    Did you ever work out how to do this? I've been looking around for a while for the same, but no luck.

    I want to mount a Series 1 tivo drive (needs byteswapping), whilst also mounting a NTFS USB hard disk (needs mount -t ntfs-3g ...). I can either mount the tivo drive (with old knoppix CDs e.g. MFStools CD, or mfslive, or oztivo etc), OR I can mount the USB drive (e.g. using knoppix 5.1.1), but NOT both at the same time. If I could get byteswapping going with knoppix 5.1.1 it'd work. Any ideas?
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    OK, so I got there in the end - here's what I did (for others, and me later ...):

    * downloaded Knoppix 5.1.1 iso and burnt a CD (more recent versions will probably also work, but they seem to put IDE drives under /dev/sdX rather than /dev/hdX, which is not what I wanted). This has ntfs-3g, four mounting NTFS filesystems in read-write mode.

    * plug the Series 1 Tivo drive into PC IDE cable (be careful with jumper settings for master/slave), and start PC with the knoppix 5.1.1 cd.

    * at the boot prompt type:
    linux ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=us apm=power-off nodma hda=bswap hdb=bswap hdc=bswap hdd=bswap hde=bswap hdf=bswap hdg=bswap hdh=bswap vga=791 initrd=minirt.gz nomce BOOT_IMAGE=knoppix

    Note: you only need the appropriate hdX=bswap if you know which to use - mine was hdc, so will use that from now on below.
    This turns on byteswapping for the Series 1 tivo drive in knoppix - hurray! You can check this by opening a linux shell and using the command:
    sudo cat /proc/ide/hdc/settings
    The bswap line should have a value of 1. using_dma should have a value of 0.

    * after boot, download and unzip tivopart ( into /tmp.

    * open a shell, and run tivopart (note this must be as root, so I used 'sudo'):
    sudo /bin/tivopart.x86 r /dev/hdc

    This will allow the OS to recognize (r for "revalidate") the partition table on the Series 1 Tivo drive.

    * now you can mount the Tivo drive:
    sudo mkdir /mnt/tivo
    sudo mount /dev/hdc4 /mnt/tivo

    ...AND mount your hard disk (an external USB HD in my case):
    sudo mkdir /mnt/hd
    sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/hd

    Voila! Now I can extract shows directly from the Tivo disk to my (external) hard disk. Here's what I did:

    * download mfs-utils_bin.Linux-i686-20060503 - best to search for it - here's a link:
    and unpack it in /tmp

    * get a list of all the shows on the Tivo disk:
    sudo export MFS_DEVICE=/dev/hdc
    sudo export MFS_DEVLIST="/dev/hdc10 /dev/hdc11 /dev/hdc12 /dev/hdc13"
    sudo /tmp/mfs-utils/bin.Linux-i686/mfs_streams > /tmp/recordings.txt

    * export one-at-a-time by getting the FSID from column 1 of the output file above and using
    sudo /tmp/mfs-utils/bin.Linux-i686/mfs_uberexport -txv -R FSID -o /mnt/hd/FSID.tmf
    (replace FSID with the number)

    * ...OR... here are the contents of a bash script I wrote to export all recordings with meaningful titles to my external HD:

    export MFS_DEVICE=/dev/hdc
    export MFS_DEVLIST="/dev/hdc10 /dev/hdc11 /dev/hdc12 /dev/hdc13"
    $UTILDIR/mfs_streams > recordings.txt
    TITLES=`cat recordings.txt | sed -e s%/%%g | sed -e s/\\\\.//g | sed -e s/\ /-/g | sed -e s/://g | sed -e s/,//g | sed -e s/\'//g | awk 'BEGIN{FS="\t"}NR!=1{print $1 "_" $2 "_" $3}' `
    for TITLE in $TITLES; do
    fsid=`echo $TITLE | awk 'BEGIN{FS="_"}{print $1}'`
    echo "mfs_uberexport -txv -R $fsid -o $OUTDIR/$TITLE.tmf"
    $UTILDIR/mfs_uberexport -txv -R $fsid -o $OUTDIR/$TITLE.tmf
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    Are you trying to mount the TiVo drive byteswapped and the NT USB drive non-byteswapped?
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