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Thread: Noob question on tivo web hack

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    Noob question on tivo web hack

    OK, I have a s2.5 tivo. It requires the PROM hack to make it work beyond the basic box.

    I would really like to have some nice features that I feel the box is lacking, but without actually trying them out I am unsure if they are what I expect.

    I would like to be able to schedule jobs from my computer, see the TV listings and/or the scheduled recordings and alter them.

    I have seen the hacks, but I cannot find any details on what it does(real details) or screen shots.

    I don't want to spend $'s on a PROM hack if I am going to be dissapointed.....

    Oh yea, I think I saw a hack that would allow a 2nd tivo to take over when a schedule conflick happened. Not sure if that requires 2 tivo's that are hacked or just one.

    Can someone hold my hand and help me out a bit? I would greatly appreciate it!

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