OK, so you've kicked yourself. You knew better, but somehow, you booted into XP with your new drive attached (or worse, your old drive). How could you be so stupid! OK, I was, I understand.

So, you try MakeTivoBootable, which always works - but this time it didn't. You are in despair.

Well, first, you have to accept that your image is lost - beg for a new one. (I host a few, so I'll see you in the beggin thread). But in my case, I had successfully copied my image, but when I put it onto my new, corrupted drive, it did the deadly reboot sequence.

Well, you've got to overwrite the first 24 blocks of the hard drive - there's an easy way. Pick up MaxBlast4 for Windows - it doesn't matter if you're using a Maxtor drive. I did this solution to a Samsung

Make a bootable disk. Select the drive you've corrupted, run a low-level format (the quick one is fine, you can do the full if you're anal, but it won't make any difference.) Restore your backup, and

tada! You're back in business.

Hours of frustrating hard work, distilled into 4 column inches of text -- now that's why we have forums - hope this helps