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Thread: How to access and transfer files to TIVO?

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    Unhappy How to access and transfer files to TIVO?

    OK, I have used the PTV... CD and performed Killhdinitrd. Tried TIVOWEBPLUS, but still getting errors. I used Geek's SD-H400 guide mentioned here

    Do I still need to move the hard drive to the PC to perform remaining hacks? I have a Toshiba SH-H400 with Wireless USB Linksys adapter which I use to get program guides. Do I need a separate serial cable?

    I have tried using telnet on my pc to access the tivo but no luck. I can ping my tivo and get a response as well.

    Is terra term mentioned here the way to go? Do I need to change something in my file?

    This is the code I got from the Geek's SD-H400 guide for file::
    export PATH=$PATH:/var/hack/bin
    # Put Console output on the Serial Port
    /bin/bash < /dev/ttyS2 >& /dev/ttyS2 &
    # Start Telnet with Bash Shell
    tnlited 23 /bin/bash
    When I try to execute this, it appears that the tivo cannot understand tnlited command and cannot locate /bin/bash directories. Where is this directory /bin/bash located? Do I need to copy it from somewhere?

    One last question, to run a script from the Geek's guide, what command do I give the TIVO? the script is a txt file.
    Thanks in advance.

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    It would appear Geek wrote that guide, he deserves the opportunity to answer your questions.

    In the event he is unable or unwilling to help you, I suggest your start with Captain_Video's TiVo Hacking 101.

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    Where is this directory /bin/bash located?
    bash is the command-line shell, it is found in the /bin directory. "Getting the bash prompt" is usually considered the first level of success in hacking a Tivo unit. tnlited is the telnet service which Tivo, Inc. includes with their system software and should be in the /sbin directory.

    My initial guess is that either you haven't put in the correct directory, or you haven't made it executable ( chmod a+x ). A serial cable can help you directly connect your PC to the Tivo and (hopefully) fix things until you can get telnet working. You'll need a decent terminal emulator program to work with the serial cable connection, something like TeraTerm Pro or possibly PuTTY. If you can't get a prompt via telnet or serial cable, you'll need to open the tivo and pull out the drive again, to work on it.

    PlainBill is right, you should check out Cpt Video's Tivo Hacking 101 thread.
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    Can I use the serial cable supplied by TIVO or the I have to cut and modify?

    2nd question, where is the file supposed to be located? In the active partition (hda7 in my case)?

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    In the active root partition in /etc/rc.d is where you put
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    I have tried using telnet on my pc to access the tivo but no luck. I can ping my tivo and get a response as well.
    In addition to what others said, you may need to invoke telnet like this:
    tnlited 23 /bin/bash -login &
    And be sure you "fix" the iptables (tivo's built-in firewall) as described here.
    Also, yes you can use the serial cable that came with the tivo but you'll also need a null modem adapter and a gender bender.
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