A couple of days ago I received the 6.3a update from DTV on my HR10-250 receiver with the oval 3LNB dish. Since the update, I get searching for signal message, but it depends on which channels I have each tuner set to. I have noticed this only affects the HD channels which get the message when the opposite tuner is on a SD channel. For example, I can have both turners set to HD feeds such as 509 (HBO HD) on one and 543 (SHOW HD) on the other and they both come in just fine. If I change the channel on either tuner to a non-HD feed, like 501 or any other SD feed, then I get the searching for signal message for the tuner I didnít change the channel on. On the signal meter, I have excellent reception for all 3 sat's so that is defiantly not the problem, that and the fact it was working perfectly before the update.

I spent several hours on the phone with DTV tech support and reset the box, went through guided setup several times, still no change. I was trying to convince them that this just happened after getting the 6.3a update, so it has to be a software issue, but they refused to believe it. Has anyone else experienced something similar?