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Thread: mfs_ftp : Can download but cant upload

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    mfs_ftp : Can download but cant upload

    When I laucnh mfs-ftp from telnet, then open port 3105 in Smart FTP, I can download files, but I cant upload any. What coul be the problem?

    edit: Actually the file it let me downloaded came up at 0 bytes, and I can no longer download either. When in bash prompt I run MFS but there are no errors or anything. When I use tserver and tytools I can extract no problem, but cant get mfs working correctly. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks
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    There may be helpful debugging info in the port.3105.log file in your mfs_ftp directory.

    Are you perhaps using s1 binaries on an s2 Tivo? That's a common problem.

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