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Thread: guide download failing

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    guide download failing

    one my drs704 died in a reboot loop.. I have a spare with a hd ready to go and I rebuild the other hd at my leisure.. however since I called direct tv and had them swap the one out and the new one in for the past 3 nights done of the 3 dtivos have succesfully downloaded guide data every night.. any ideas what could be going on.. direct tv support is useless.

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    First of all, reporting 'DirecTV support is useless' is as pointless as saying 'my wife doesn't understand me' (which is usually a darn good thing!) or 'The sun rose in the east today'. Now on those rare times where DirecTV support IS helpful, feel free to mention it.

    Next, guide information is not downloaded only at night. A DirecTiVo gets it's guide information from the data stream just like every other DirecTV receiver. So you'll have to be more specific - what are you missing? Guide information? Showcases?

    And when dealing with DirecTV support, if the person handling your call can't help, escalate. In this case, the odds are the level 1 csr entered the wrong information into one field.

    There's a difference between needing help, and just being plain ole' lazy.

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