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Thread: XML format tivoserver vs. mfs_ftp?

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    XML format tivoserver vs. mfs_ftp?

    I have a bunch of ty+ and tmf files that I use to upload to my 6.2 machines just fine via tivoserver. However, when I try to send these same files up to my hr10-260 6.3a machine via mfs_ftp, I loose the xml data and the show has the same name as the host filename on the PC, ie. fish.tmf spam.ty+ shows up as fish.tmf and spam.ty+ on the 6.3a machine.

    So is there a particular xml format that msf_ftp uses, expects? I haven't been able to find any info searching the forums. (At least using the different search strings, I have thought of.)

    When setting up the XML data for tivoserver, I came across two XML formats:

    1. From the ffmeg to ty+encoding:

    2. From the tivoserver xml file information thread:

    I went with the second one. A. It was easier to hand edit if needed. B. I had better success preserving the desired XML data (such giving me folders) on the 6.2 tivos with the second format.

    So is tivo (and mfs_ftp) only using the first format and tivoserver converting this second format to the first format automatically?

    Assuming this is the case is the example from the first post a valid minimal XML for mfs_ftp to work with?

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    So there does appear to that Tivo/mfs_ftp uses the first XML format found in the second first link. While tivoserver can use either format.

    So for shows going to the hr10-250, I have a script that converts the xml data from the second format to the first format and now the XML data is preserved along with the expected name in the NowShowing list.
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