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    MovieLoader: HME meets MFS_FTP

    MovieLoader is a simple HME app (that means you need an HME enabled TiVo w/ mfs_ftp) to allow you to transfer recordings (.tmf, .ty, and .ty+ files ) between (to or from) your TiVo and your PC or other FTP servers directly from the TiVo UI, using your remote. The FTP servers could be other mfs_ftp enabled TiVos, even those that are not HME enabled.

    For details and screen captures, see the Readme.html included in the .zip file.

    • Add support for shows with # in the title or episode title

    • Allow remapping of keys (see the Readme.html)
    • Remove requirement for Java 1.6. It'll work with either 1.5 or 1.6

    • Display the event queue with newest entries first
    • Only keep the last 2 copies of the cache update log
    • Fix exporting shows from a folder on the computer.

    • Fix memory leak causing "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" messages

    • Set folder dates correctly

    Updates for v0.13
    • Add ability to transfer shows between any two defined sources, as explained here.
    • A cache update in progress will be aborted if a transfer or delete is requested. Another cache update will be added to the queue after the cache update interval
    • The cache update interval is configurable using the CacheUpdateInterval= line in It defaults to 15 (minutes)
    • Work with ty-ffmpeg generated xml. Note that you should be using ty-ffmpeg v0.17 or later
    • Shows that have a pending delete will not have the "Delete" choice available, and can not be deleted using the Clear key.
    • Shows are removed from the cache once deleted (after any previously pending operations)

    *** Updated 10/01/2006 for v0.12a ***
    • Fixed issue with setting Title in
    • Enabled use of Clear key to delete shows
    • Added support for WaitForFirstCacheUpdate=No property so MovieLoader will work under Galleon or as a Service.
    • Fix parsing of file names with station named {}

    *** Updated 9/29/2007 for v0.12 ***
    • Improved documentation, see the Readme.html included in the .zip file.
    • Add CoverArtFolder entry to, which defines a fallback folder for cover art when no cover art is found at the same location as the shows.
    • Add delete support
    • Cosmetic fixes and improvements

    *** Updated 3/5/2007 ***
    • Return to show list after adding transfer
    • Add checks to prevent accidentally adding duplicate transfers

    *** Updated 3/2/2007 ***
    Fixed disappearing text when re-entering MovieLoader, as reported here.

    *** Updated 2/28/2007 ***
    Uploaded new version with the following changes:
    • Dates are now sorted in descending order
    • Go directly to the transfer details screen when importing/exporting a show
    • Return to the show listing screen when returning from the transfer details screen.
    • Cancel inactive transfers (from the transfer queue screen or the transfer details screen) using the Clear button.
    • Clean up layout of show listing screens.
    • Clean up logs folder at startup.

    *** Updated 2/21/2007 ***
    Uploaded latest version since all attachments were lost when the thread was accidentally deleted.
    There have been a number of changes, especially to how MovieLoader is launched, so make sure you read the Readme.html included in the zip file.

    This version loads all show lists and show details rather than retrieving it on demand when the user interacts with MovieLoader. There is a 15 minute interval after an update completes and the next update begins. This causes 2 side-effects:
    1. All folders and directories will appear to be empty until the first update completes.
    2. Newly added shows won't appear until the following update completes.

    These updates are performed as jobs on the transfer queue. They are included in the pending job count, but do not show a progress bar.

    Displayed dates are now formatted is a more user-friendly manner.

    Switched from my own FTP class to the one in Jakarta Commons Net

    There are probably other changes as well, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

    *** Updated 02/06/2007 ***
    • Added pre-fetching and caching of show lists and details for FTP servers. It'll take a few minutes after first starting MovieLoader before you'll be able to see the shows on FTP servers, while MovieLoader pre-fetches.
      The cache is created in the working directory (or the directory specified on the command line).
      Each FTP server gets it's own sub-directory, with a name built from the host and port of the FTP server. The time between cache updates is 15 minutes.
    • Added ability to export shows. If the IP address of the HME client (TiVo on which you are interacting with MovieLoader) matches the IP address of the FTP server containing the shows, you can export the show (rather than import, which wouldn't make any sense).
    • Display the recorded date when listing shows (rather than original air date (OAD)), in a more user-friendly format. The OAD is still used for sorting (first sort by title, then OAD, then episode, then recorded date)
    • Include both the OAD and the recorded date in the show details, again using a user-friendly format.

    *** Updates 1/25/2007
    • Put description in Readme.html
    • Added a transfer queue
    • Look for .xml/.txt detail file before looking for embedded xml
    • Improve progress bar
    • Allow re-entering MovieLoader while a transfer is in progress
    • Added show grouping (by title, always enabled)
    • Improved show listing to make it more readable. Show only titles (except in a group, in which case only the episode is shown).
    • Improved support for FTP servers that aren't setup to replicate the mfs_ftp directory structure.

    *** Updated 12/19/2006 ***
    • Added command line parameter to specify the properties file or show directory

    *** Updated 12/9/2006 ***
    • Added a progress indicator to the transfer screen
    • Updated screen captures to show progress indicator.

    *** Updated 12/5/2006 ***
    • Minor improvements to file name parsing
    • Configuration via
      • Customize the title
      • Multiple source directories, with optional custom name
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