I have a toshiba sd-h400. I purchased the instant cake for it and baked the 160 gig drive with out an issue. I can load it and it will upgrade to 8.1 from tivo fine.

What I would like to know is when I should add the ftp to it and is that done by using lba48dd ?? modifying the author script to start the ftp and telnet ?

1. Should I bake and then follow up with the killhdintrd using 3.1.5 ??
2. Should I bake it then let it up grade to 8.1 and then killhdintrd using 3.1.5

is 3.1.5 the correct one to use?

Is killhdintrd as simple as coping the kernal over to the tivo, gunzip it then apply the DD to hda3 and hda6 , Disable netfilter and change the author script and bootpage ??

Any help would be appreciated....