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Thread: Bad BIOs?

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    35 Bad BIOs?

    I brought a chipped xbox off my mate and he knows as little bout it as i do but i think it is an xecuter2.6 the one with blue LEDs. i tried flashin a new BIOs (cant remeber wot it was called). i went to restart my xbox n it jst makes a high pitch niose and then shuts down n boots its self n does the same. then when it turns on again it flashes red and green. ( i think that means system failer. ) wot the hell can i do!?! some one help plz!! i tried downloadin the xecuter to on sum FTP site (usin both cuteFTP and IE) but it wouldnt work and i dont know if dat would help. btw srry this is so long i tend to go on bout rubbish
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    Blue LEDs sound like the xecuter 2.6 The symptom you describe sounds like a short to the motherboard from improperly placed chip. It's possible the chip is not meeting the contacts correctly. If this is solderless, you can try to reposition it back into the correct spot. If the chip was flashed improperly, I believe there is a recovery procedure. Hold both power and eject together and it is supposed to boot from backup bios (if this is full version and not lite). If both those still don't work, you have to either get an external programmer to reprogram the chip or buy a new modchip.

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