I have one computer in my house - it is a FreeBSD fileserver running Samba.

That's it.

It has all of my wav files, jpeg/tiff/gif pictures, and a ton of mpeg/.ts/divx video files. Keep this in mind as I ask questions below - there are no windows systems to run little apps on, or to run tivo clients on, etc.

Can the s3 HD tivo connect to my samba share and play these music/picture/video files ?

Do I need to run any kind of server on my fbsd system, or is samba enough (it should be) ?

Do I need to hack up the s3 HD tivo in order to get this to work ?


Is there any way to extract the recorded content from my s3 HD tivo and save it elsewhere as unprotected/non-DRM files that I can watch on my (insert device X here) ?

If not, are we close ? Does this mean we are getting closer:



Finally, will the s3/hd tivo record hi-def in full quality ? I know that will take a ton of disk, but I don't mind ... is it possible to turn compression all the way down ? (like a uncompressed transport stream ?)