Ok, let's say hypothetically that tivo enables MRV on the s3.

And let's say that I successfully set up TivoServer on my unix fileserver so that I can watch my .ts/mpeg/.avi/divx movie collection through the tivo.

Now, I have some 1920x1080x60fps videos ... and although those are rare, I have a _lot_ of 720p @ 30fps videos, and certainly lots of 1080i, etc.

My own experience shows me that a 3.06ghz p4 has drops a lot of frames with a 1080p .ts file.

So the first question is, how strong is the s3 tivo, and what is the maximum density of, say, an mpeg transport stream (resolution+fps) that I could send to it over TivoServer ?


Now, a somewhat unrelated second question - we all know the s3 tivo has "30 hours" of HD capacity. However, some HD channels are 720p, some are 1080i, some are even 480p, etc. - and all of these saved shows should take up different numbers of bits/second on the drive.

My assumption is that the "30 hours" figure is for 1080i, which I believe is the max res the tivo can save, and that if I save a lot of 720p or 480p, I will actually get more than 30 hours.

Is this assumption correct ?