hi All --

I've gotten my TivoWebPlus and vServer streaming beautifully to Windows Media Player. Yippee!

Challenge: doing it outside my firewall.

Here's what's happening:

+ My Tivo sits at (inside a Linksys Router / firewall), and I have TivoWebPlus running on 8085 just for the heck of it.

+ I've used Port Forwarding so that when I connect to my external IP address at certain port (70.137.174.XXX:8085) it happily redirects to TivoWeb at the 192 internal address.

+ I've also opened the firewall so that things sent from the outside to 70.137.174.XXX:8074 should connect with vServer.

+ All the TivoWeb pages display beautifully, all works as planned.


+ When I click on the NowShowing / View link, the ASX file I'm sent (discovered after a bit of analysis and packet sniffing to double-check) directs mediaplayer to the internal 192 address.

I understand that this is because of a line in TivoWeb, where it picks up the IP off the ethernet interface... But is there any way to overcome that? Perhaps some entry in tivoweb.cfg where I could manually enter the external IP and force TivoWeb to pick that up?

Even figuring out the string I'd need to type into the "Open URL" line in my media player would be a start (I'm guessing it's something like tivo:/.70.137.174.XXX:8074/[show_number_as_listed_in_twp_'view']

Anyone? Help?