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Thread: HR20 / HR10 Satellite Dish type question

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    HR20 / HR10 Satellite Dish type question

    I am running hr10-250.. I know this is for hr20 but I am only asking about the SAT DISH TYPE

    I am using the round dish 2 LNB
    I do not get local channels from the SAT feed
    I do not have the High Def package (do all my recording of high def with the antenna for local channels)
    Is there anything I am missing out on by not having a oval 3 LNB dish?


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    It depends on what you mean by 'missing out'. IIRC, the bird at 119 carries 'ethnic' channels (Chinese and Spanish). With the triple lnb dish you will also be able to subscribe to HD programming.

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    Come August or September you'll have to have a 5LNB to get the HD channels.

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    That's only for the mpeg4 channels, which the OP will not be able to receive with his HR10-250. The triple LNB dish is all you need for the HDTivo. Eventually, the mpeg2 HD channels will all move over to the mpeg4 sats so the HDTivo won't be able to receive any HD channels from the DTV sats. You will still be able to get all of the standard def channels as well as your OTA HD locals. At that time you can probably get away with just the round dual LNB dish and a rooftop antenna since the majority of mpeg2 channels are transmitted via the 101 sat.
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