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Thread: Hacking a Series 2 SA TiVo Just Got Easier!!!

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    Lightbulb Hacking a Series 2 SA TiVo Just Got Easier!!!

    Hi all. i just made a easy-to-use TiVo hack script (Just Linux)
    Just uncompress it in a directory w/ fullly un-compressed tivotools.tar.7z, killhdinitrd, and a unhacked TiVo kernel then edit to your liking then type ./ volia.
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    (a) "Typo" doesn't have an "i" in it. I find that amusingly ironic.

    (b) I'm not going to start the flaming, but this board basically reviles attempts like this to automate the process, since all it does is usher in a bunch of users who don't know what they've done, why the did it, or how to diagnose future problems.

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    Wow, you wrote that all by yourself?? Friggin awesome!

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    what does this provide that the hundreds of other pre-canned scripts provide? are you going to be around to support it? did you test it on more than one setup? does it support non-trivial configurations like trying to image a drive thats connected via USB or something?

    enthusiasm and contributions are great, but another imaging script is not all that helpful when all it ends up being is another support headache for the members of this board.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrblack51 View Post
    what does this provide that the hundreds of other pre-canned scripts [don't] provide?
    (disclaimer: I have not looked at this, so these are general comments) Add some more comment: describe what you tried to do and why. If you know something about other environments in which variations in approach would be required, mention that.

    Scripts can be great teaching tools; they provide opportunities to observe how others have approached tasks. The issues are: 1. authors should design them as examples or teaching tools rather than applications; 2. users should use them as examples or learning tools rather than applications.

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    	   echo "Starting instantpie by Hayes Williams" 
               mkdir /mnt/var
    	   mkdir /mnt/dos
    	   mount /dev/hdc9 /mnt/var
    	   mount /dev/sda6 /mnt/dos
    	   cp /mnt/dos/vmlinux.px /mnt/var
    	   killhdinitrd /mnt/var/vmlinux.px
    	   dd if=/mnt/var/vmlinux.px of=/dev/hda3
    	   dd if=/mnt/var/vmlinux.px of=/dev/hda6
    	   mkdir /mnt/hdc4
    	   mkdir /mnt/hdc7
    	   mount /dev/hdc4 /mnt/hdc4
    	   mount /dev/hdc7 /mnt/hdc7
    	   mkdir /mnt/hdc4/tivo-bin
    	   mkdir /mnt/hdc7/tivo-bin
    	   cp /mnt/hdc4/etc/netfilter-enable /mnt/hdc4/etc/netfilter-enable.bak
    	   cp /mnt/hdc4/etc/netfilter-disable /mnt/hdc4/etc/netfilter-enable
    	   mv /mnt/hdc4/sbin/dhclient /mnt/hdc4/sbin/dhclient.bak
    	   cp /mnt/hdc7/etc/netfilter-enable /mnt/hdc7/etc/netfilter-enable.bak
    	   cp /mnt/hdc7/etc/netfilter-disable /mnt/hdc7/etc/netfilter-enable
    	   mv /mnt/hdc7/sbin/dhclient /mnt/hdc7/sbin/dhclient.bak
               echo "#!/bin/bash
                     export PATH=$PATH:/tivo-bin" > telnet_me_to_/
               chmod 555 telnet_me_to_/
               touch mkrc
               echo  "#!/bin/bash
                     echo "" #> /mnt/hdc4/etc/rc.d/" 
               chmod 777 mkrc
    	   nano mkrc
               cp /mnt/hdc4/etc/rc.d/ /mnt/hdc7/etc/rc.d/
               chmod +x /mnt/hdc4/etc/rc.d/
               chmod +x /mnt/hdc7/etc/rc.d/
    	   mkdir /mnt/hdc7/tivo-bin
    	   cp /mnt/dos/tivo-bin/* /mnt/hdc4/tivo-bin
    	   cp /mnt/dos/tivo-bin/* /mnt/hdc7/tivo-bin
    	   echo "Congrats it's a Hacked TiVo"
    I've posted this for those that want to see what this script is doing. I can see a problem where most people will try to run this script as-is and not have the results that they were expecting.

    Manually hacking a Tivo at first may seem intimidating, but it really is easier than you might think.

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    	   cp /mnt/dos/tivo-bin/* /mnt/hdc4/tivo-bin
    	   cp /mnt/dos/tivo-bin/* /mnt/hdc7/tivo-bin
    This will end up making multiple copies of the busybox binary, as many of the entries will normally be sym links if you just untar the archive to the destination directly.

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    Is this a joke? I can't imagine someone who could do this wouldn't know the reaction it would get here. It has to be a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slydog75 View Post
    Is this a joke?
    I'd hope so. I use a shell script I wrote whenever I need to start from scratch, but it's much more complicated/customized, and I'm sure it would get the same kind of reaction if I posted it here. If your familiar enough with bash to "edit it to your liking" than you should be able to at least write your own. The OP also asked for a 6.2 image for a SA 240 pretty recently.

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