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Thread: hr20 submodel

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    hr20 submodel

    Is there any difference between the hr20-100 and the hr20-700 series? DTV just installed a 100 for me and if there is a benefit of the 700 then I'll call and complain but if not then I'll let it go.

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    Differences are only aesthetic. One's black and one's white. Number of usb ports, position of satellite in connections, and interior vs. external rf antenna are about the only ones I can think of.

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    The -xxx after the model number on DirecTV receivers is a reference to the manufacturer. The HR20-100 is actually the latest model, and is made by Thomson or RCA. It comes as either a HR20-100S, which is silver like the HR20-700, or as a HR20-100B, which is black. From what I have read, the black units are very limited distribution, and when they are gone, all future units will be silver.

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    Along those same lines, how do you tell how big the internal HD is on the HR-20?

    [Edit: It appears from the DTV forums that the -100 submodel has a 320GB and the -700 submodel has a 300GB drive.
    Here is where I found some info:]
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    All about the HR20-100. Well, almost all. I don't see that it mentions that the -100 has a coaxial audio output in addition to the optical.

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