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Thread: Burning multiple episodes

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    Burning multiple episodes

    I have been able to do this before but have forgotten how I did it. I need to know how, once I have gone through and processed all the shows (Made key file, edited key file, Vob-Mux, and Created IFO file) how to burn them to a DVD.

    I'm trying to take all the episodes from Planet Earth and put them on a couple DVD's. But when I try to drag multiple "Video_TS" files over to Nero it gives me an error saying those files are already present or something to that effect.

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    You need to author your DVD with the episodes in one compilation. You can't author multiple sets of VIDEO_TS folders and expect your drive to be able to recognize them It just doesn't work that way. The spec only calls for a single VIDEO_TS folder containing .ifo, .bup, and .vob files.

    Import the episodes you want to include on the same disc into the authoring program of your choice. Just make sure it will work with whatever files you're using or the authoring program may choke on them. You will probably have to create a menu with links to each episode. Compile the project when you've got it the way you want and then burn the resulting VIDEO_TS folder to a DVD.

    If the compilation is too big to fit on a single disc you can shrink it down using DVD Shrink or other tool designed for this. I prefer DVDRebuilder since it retains the highest quality compared to similar programs. If you're working with HD files then there is an app that will shrink them as well. I don't recall the name but it's listed in the HD-DVD authoring sticky thread over at the AVSForums in the HD DVD Software section.
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