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Thread: Dsr 704 & 708 vs Directv plus Dvr

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    Dsr 704 & 708 vs Directv plus Dvr

    Ok its been a while since I have done this. My question is simple are people still buying phillips dsr 704 & 708 and the older model directv tivo's? If yes, then WILL directv send new cards for them. or will they try to send you a new r15??

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    Smooth Sailing for me

    I bought my second dsr794 off of ebay (unhacked, but did dd_rescue my other one to it) in March of this year. I called in sometime last month in April to have it activated. It went unbelievable smooth. They didn't even question me about anything and activated the used card. I was preparing for the worst after hearing so much on different forums. But it was a 5 minute ordeal, I called said I need to activate another unit on my plan they asked me to read them the numbers on the card and the back of the unit and voila it was on. Not even so much as a mention about them not selling them anymore or anything! Hope it goes as smoothly for you.

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    You can still activate older DTivos, as long as they are free and clear. Just make sure if you bought it from someone that the previous account has been settled and closed out or else DTV won't activate it. You will need to pay $20 for a new card, unless you have a receiver on your account that you are replacing with the DTivo and the card is of recent vintage.
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