You know you're a freebie queen when . .
1. You and your friends compete to see who gets the latest freebies first. ("I got the Oil of Olay bodywash! What did you get?!")
2. Sometimes you pass on an offer unless it's a hefty freebie with no shipping and handling charges and a coupon thrown in for good measure!
3. You find yourself comparing freebie packaging ( bubble wrap, must not be a good one).
4. At least one freebie site is on your toolbar . . .and you visit it several times during the day for updates.
5. You have to make room in your closet for another free t-shirt or baseball cap
6. You feel neglected and oddly disappointed when you only get one freebie in your mailbox.
7. You make a list of "good" sites that consistently send terrific freebies.
8. You love using the sample, but don't spring for the full-size version.
9. You collect freebies all year for gift giving.
10. You love the itty bitty packages freebies come in.
11. You've got a new, edgy look . . . thanks to glow-in-the dark hair gel and glittery sunscreen freebies.
12. You can type in your name, address and zip code in your sleep.
13. You have tons of travel-sized shampoo but never travel!
14.You're not sure what the full-sized product looks like since all you've used are freebies.
15. You realize what you're wearing, what you're eating and what you're reading were all freebies.
16. You get irritated when the freebie is a foil packet thingy and not a "real" sample.
17. You know what a SASE is. Extra points if you know what GWP means.
18. You have a separate email address just for your freebies.
19. Someone compliments your new haircolor or lipstick and your first response is, "It was free!"
20. Your beauty basket is filled mostly with plastic packets and mini-bottles.