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My presence here was very vague for quite some time now, I've been floating around the mythtv area.. I wonder if I add this as one of the categories here would anyone be interested? My recent projects was making mythtv frontend run on Apple TV and I got it was sucessful. I'm now working on a useful remote control for Apple TV the idea is to utilize a JP1 capable remote with either the built-in IR (can't figure out where to start) or with a USB IR dongle (in the mail).

I'm hoping to possible get back into TiVo with Series 3 stuff but I feel like such a noob as so much has changed since dtivo days.
I'd totally be interested in a MythTV area. I just built a dual tuner (Silicon Dust HDHR) system for a friend of mine. I was so impressed I'm thinking of building myself one and ditching DirecTV. I'm running it on Debian Linux.

As for your IR issues take a look at LIRC.

This may be useful: