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Thread: Spamming MORONS Read This

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vadim View Post
    My presence here was very vague for quite some time now, I've been floating around the mythtv area.. I wonder if I add this as one of the categories here would anyone be interested? My recent projects was making mythtv frontend run on Apple TV and I got it was sucessful. I'm now working on a useful remote control for Apple TV the idea is to utilize a JP1 capable remote with either the built-in IR (can't figure out where to start) or with a USB IR dongle (in the mail).

    I'm hoping to possible get back into TiVo with Series 3 stuff but I feel like such a noob as so much has changed since dtivo days.
    I'd totally be interested in a MythTV area. I just built a dual tuner (Silicon Dust HDHR) system for a friend of mine. I was so impressed I'm thinking of building myself one and ditching DirecTV. I'm running it on Debian Linux.

    As for your IR issues take a look at LIRC.

    This may be useful:
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    Quote Originally Posted by wangyin View Post
    I observed the spam quantity has dropped immensely...
    Oh man...the lolz are strong here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omikron View Post
    Oh man...the lolz are strong here...
    Yeah - it's really ironic which thread the spammers decided to use this time. Especially since the spammers have started practically plagiarizing posts and sticking links in their signatures these days.

    See my earlier post

    I don't know why they resurrect old threads. Maybe hoping we won't notice their plagiarism.

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