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    Tivoserver Helper Scripts

    Here are a few scripts I find invaluable for preparing videos for Tivoserver. If anyone has additional or better tools, I'd be happy to add them to this post.

    1. launch_start_tivoserver.bat - Two Windows batch scripts to restart Tivoserver automatically. Running the launch_start_tivoserver.bat script will launch the other batch file, which starts Tivoserver. If Tivoserver quits or the Tivoserver window is closed, the the first script will restart it automatically.

    2. tyffmpeg2.bat - Windows batch script that batch encodes multiple videos sequentially using ty-enabled ffmpeg. Edit top portion of script, and then run without arguments. Supports avi's, mpg's, and vob's in the same source folder, and encode each type with different options. It also allows you to stop/interrupt the encoding process, and remember which file you left off on when you run it again.

    3. - Cygwin script that generates XML files for all shows in a given folder on your PC. This is especially useful if you have a folder on your PC filled with 100 movies, and you want them to appear in a "movies" folder when you transfer them with Tivoserver. The script generates a unique XML file for every show in the folder, and then edits the file, giving it a unique TMSID and setting the episode title equal to the name of the show with the extension stripped off. Since Tivo doesn't like you creating TMSIDs from scratch, you need to extract a template XML file from the target folder you plan to transfer the shows to. Usage is explained here.
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