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    New TivowebPlus module: Manage NoReRecord List

    I have created a new module to maintain the TiVo's NoReRecord list. This list is used to prevent automatic recording of shows within 30 days of their deletion or cancellation from the TiVo. (Others have referred to it as the "28-day rule", so maybe the timing is different on different systems.)

    This module allows you to see the shows on the NoReRecord list. Using the new TWP client-side-sort feature, you can arrange the list by series, date, etc. You can also filter the list by Program, Date or Cancel Reason. There are two check boxes available:
    Keep - Resets the Cancel date to prevent the show from dropping off the NoReRecord list. This extends the time until the show will be rerecorded, by the number of days selected in "Keep Duration".
    Remove - Deletes the show from the NoReRecord list. This allows the TiVo to automatically record this show the next time it is available.

    The first column (NoReRecord Date) indicates when the Tivo will consider a show eligible for auto-recording again. This is the value that is changed by the Keep option.

    I've attached the module to this post. To install: copy norerecord.itcl to your modules folder and twp_tablefilter.js to your scripts folder and restart TWP. Note that this requires the latest TWP 2.1.b3.

    Please use at your own risk. I have tested this on my systems, but I'd like some feedback from folks with other software versions. I'd also like any suggestions on how to make this more useful.

    EDIT: updated attachment to v1.6 to add support for 2.1.b3
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